President's message

From the desk of Hon. Secretary
Dear Esteemed Member IOA,
Greetings from the Secretariat of IOA

Let me take this opportunity to thank again each and every one of you for electing me as the Hon. Secretary of IOA. This is my 2nd year of Secretaryship. That being said we now have a golden chance to bring this prestigious Organisation to newer heights. Let us strive to make IOA an Organisation that is a pioneer in path breaking practices, quality research and a truly academic & practical powerhouse. Let us shine bright and take pride in coming together and working as one team towards the betterment of Orthopaedic treatment in India. We are looking ahead with hope and a positive attitude to see an even more vibrant and academically active association that can offer a meaningful platform to our younger colleagues.

We are indeed privileged to be part of an association that started as a dream of our seniors and was guided and nurtured by the vision of many great and noble stalwarts. For me it is a very special privilege to be its Hon. Secretary, having served the association in various capacities also being a humble grass root worker. An association should actually stand for academics, camaraderie and of course its social responsibilities. All these years’ efforts have been made in this direction and we are simply trying to carry forward the legacy. I would like to compliment our dynamic President Dr Rajesh Malhotra for making all endeavours for the benefit of young members which is evident in his theme for the year “Roots of Responsibility, Wings of Professional Excellence”. I also take this opportunity to welcome you all to contribute in that would help us share all that we stand for. In the last few years, so much has changed in our professional world that it is not difficult to fathom something phenomenal is happening almost on daily basis. This phase of rapid evolution provides us with endless opportunities to learn experience and share. Information, tools and techniques are flowing in at such a fast pace today that even to master a small area of defined work, one needs to be really dedicated and committed. In just about 64 years, Orthopaedics has moved from a relatively new specialty to a most sought after branch.

We all have to work hard every day to ensure that all available knowledge is used to deliver the best treatment for our countrymen. To make this possible, we need to join hands and take questions and answers to and from the real frontiers. In this process we would contribute to the advancement of science as well.

As the membership expands rapidly, the role and relevance of the organization and the responsibility of its leaders also expands.

Indian surgeons have the ability to lead the world if a platform for budding youngsters is developed. As individuals as leadersand as an organization, we need to regroup all our resources to head in this direction.Not only should we have a strong vision,we should also convince other stakeholders about it.

Lot of efforts have gone in for the preparations of IOACON-2019 at Kolkata. Several new initiatives have been added. The Organizers have tried very hard to bring out a programme full of academic activities, as well as social meetings. Please come in good numbers in Kolkata IOACON-2019 and make this conference a fantastic one.


Long Live IOA
Committed to serve
Dr Atul Srivastava, Hon. Secretary IOA