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List of Members Ratified __ Last GBM-2018

Please note that this __ the list of members ___ had applied last year (2018) and ratified during IOACON-2018 __ Coimbatore for life membership __ IOA. Please go through ___ list and find your __________ no. against your name. ____ would be your permanent ____ membership no. for long ____.-________ it or Search - if Forgotten . Update Your Profile ( Put Your LM &____;______ and Email address in &____;______ to Update Profile ) &____;___ Get Activated if You ____ not received activation link __ your email due to _______/ anomaly in email address ____. After sucessful activation - &____;___ In and visit Member _________ area and Build Your Own Customised &____;_______ Publish -Activate ____ own Website as a _____ Member of IOA and ___ searched fully by any _______ of IOA Website across ___ world - and further Contribute -_____ and Learn ! In ______- if you change your &____;_____ add or Mobile Number - Please Update it after ___ in to remain connected ____ Mainstream IOA Activity and ______ Orthopedic Surgeons and Your ________&____;&____;- to keep our Database _____ New and Dynamic - ___ Power to remain connected __ with You. Same is _________ with Mobile Application of ___ .

S No. LM __ Name City State
1 LM11810 Dr. S. Naveen Thanjavur District Tamil Nadu
2 LM11811 Dr. Nithin John. M Pondicherry Pondicherry
3 LM11812 Dr. D. Rajarajan Pondicherry Pondicherry
4 LM11813 Dr. Abhishek. V Chennai Tamil Nadu
5 LM11814 Dr. K. Singaravel Madurai Tamil Nadu
6 LM11815 Dr. S. Sasi Kumar Trichy Tamil Nadu
7 LM11816 Dr. K. Shanmuganathan Theni Tamil Nadu
8 LM11817 Dr. Santosh Kumar Mishra Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
9 LM11818 Dr. Manish Singh Rajpoot Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
10 LM11819 Dr. Bappaditya Ghosh West Bengal West Bengal
11 LM11820 Dr. Khalid Muzzafar Ganderbal Jammu & Kashmir
12 LM11821 Dr. Samarth Arya Bangalore Karnataka
13 LM11822 Dr. Panchal Sanjaykumar Muljibhai Mahisagar Gujarat
14 LM11823 Dr. Sagar Shriram Maslekar Parbhani Maharashtra
15 LM11824 Dr. Anand Prakash Dist. Churu Rajasthan
16 LM11825 Dr. Azad Khan Meerut Uttar Pradesh
17 LM11826 Dr. Ojaskumar Vijaykumar Passwala Surat Gujarat
18 LM11827 Dr. Nikhil Brijkishor Gupta Ahmedabad Gujarat
19 LM11828 Dr. Ashima Choudhry Surat Gujarat
20 LM11829 Dr. Ketas Kaushikkumar Mahajan Vadodara Gujarat
21 LM11830 Dr. Shreyas Vithalbhai Vaghasia Ahmedabad Gujarat
22 LM11831 Dr. Dasari Srivanth Hyderabad Telangana
23 LM11832 Dr. Subhranshu Sekhar Nayak Cuttack Odisha
24 LM11833 Dr. Abhishek Jain Raipur Chattisgarh
25 LM11834 Dr. K. U. Kamal Nagercoil Tamil Nadu
26 LM11835 Dr. Jisanth. B. James Kottayam Kerala
27 LM11836 Dr. Naveen Lysander Ranipet Tamil Nadu
28 LM11837 Dr. P. Vivekanandhan Thanjavur District Tamil Nadu
29 LM11838 Dr. Tarun Kumar Badam Madurai Tamil Nadu
30 LM11839 Dr. K. V. Aiyaswami Chennai Tamil Nadu
31 LM11840 Dr. F. Abdul Khader Kanchipuram Distt. Tamil Nadu
32 LM11841 Dr. Adhiyamaan. R. V Chennai Tamil Nadu
33 LM11842 Dr. Mohamed Sajeed Chennai Tamil Nadu
34 LM11843 Dr. Madhan Thiruvengada Chennai Tamil Nadu
35 LM11844 Dr. P. R. Damodaran Chennai Tamil Nadu
36 LM11845 Dr. R. G. Praveen Chennai Tamil Nadu
37 LM11846 Dr. K. Appaji Krishnan Chennai Tamil Nadu
38 LM11847 Dr. P. S. Nithin Nagarcuil Tamil Nadu
39 LM11848 Dr. Saubhik Das Dist. Malda West Bengal
40 LM11849 Dr. Ravi Kumar Khandelwal Bihar Bihar
41 LM11850 Dr. Saurabh Anand Kishanganj Bihar
42 LM11851 Dr. Bipul Prakash Singh Gopalganj Bihar
43 LM11852 Dr. Manoj Kumar Agrawal Dist. Rohtas Bihar
44 LM11853 Dr. Anant Akash Darbhanga Bihar
45 LM11854 Dr. Kadiri Venkata Ranganath Bangaluru Karnataka
46 LM11855 Dr. Rahul Kapoor Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
47 LM11856 Dr. Abhay Agarwal Jorhat Assam
48 LM11857 Dr. Varun. N. Vyas Gandhinagar Gujarat
49 LM11858 Dr. Aditya Kumar Mishra Dehradun Uttarakhand
50 LM11859 Dr. Ravi Teja Rudraraja West Godavari Distt Andhra Pradesh
51 LM11860 Dr. Prashant Kumar Kottayam Kerala
52 LM11861 Dr. Arun Ravi Kottayam Kerala
53 LM11862 Dr. Rupali Gupta Firozabad Uttar Pradesh
54 LM11863 Dr. Pawan Kumar Dist. Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
55 LM11864 Dr. Sourab Shetty Udupi Karnataka
56 LM11865 Dr. Manesh Kumar Jain. _ Mangalore Karnataka
57 LM11866 Dr.Akash. H. S Shimoga Karnataka
58 LM11867 Dr. Shuaib Ahmed Bangalore Karnataka
59 LM11868 Dr. Nikil Sanaba Paramesh Bangalore Karnataka
60 LM11869 Dr. Amitabh Das Burdwan West Bengal
61 LM11870 Dr. Prosanta Roy Kolkata West Bengal
62 LM11871 Dr. Prohas Biswas Berhampore West Bengal
63 LM11872 Dr. Mrityunjoy Patar Burdwan West Bengal
64 LM11873 Dr. Abhijit Ghosh Burdwan West Bengal
65 LM11874 Dr. Abhishek Chakraborty Kolkata West Bengal
66 LM11875 Dr. M. S. Mohanraj Udumalpet Tamil Nadu
67 LM11876 Dr. Debabrata Joardar Kolkata West Bengal
68 LM11877 Dr. Patel Jwalant Yogeshkumar Ahmedabad Gujarat
69 LM11878 Dr. Patel Chiragkumar Bharatbhai Bharuch Gujarat
70 LM11879 Dr. Harshad Gajanan Argekar Mumbai Maharashtra
71 LM11880 Dr. Arvind Balkrishna Goregaonkar Mumbai Maharashtra
72 LM11881 Dr. Baheer Anshuman Babasaheb Beed Maharashtra
73 LM11882 Dr. Shinde Pramod Bharatrao Beed Maharashtra
74 LM11883 Dr. Deshmukh Ganesh Tukaram Beed Maharashtra
75 LM11884 Dr. Landge Abhijit Ambadasrao Beed Maharashtra
76 LM11885 Dr. Vithal Sonajirao Kshirsagar Beed Maharashtra
77 LM11886 Dr. Alane Seetaram Laxmanrao Beed Maharashtra
78 LM11887 Dr. Karpe Vishal Bhaskarrao Beed Maharashtra
79 LM11888 Dr. Gawate Vishvas Baliram Beed Maharashtra
80 LM11889 Dr. Anant Kumar Garg west Bengal West Bengal
81 LM11890 Dr. Subhodeep Mondal West Bengal West Bengal
82 LM11891 Dr. Siddharth Kumar Bilaspur Chattisgarh
83 LM11892 Dr. Rudra Pratap Singh ______ Durg Chattisgarh
84 LM11893 Dr. Rajat Kumar Banchhor Raipur Chattisgarh
85 LM11894 Dr. Chandewar Mangesh Mahadeo Raipur Chattisgarh
86 LM11895 Dr. Batchu Radha Krishna Warangal Telangana
87 LM11896 Dr. Aanshu Singhal Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
88 LM11897 Dr. Subhash Chandra Gupta Dehradun Uttarakhand
89 LM11898 Dr. Ruchit Khera Dehradun Uttarakhand
90 LM11899 Dr. Anoop Nippuleti Hyderabad Telangana
91 LM11900 Dr. Patel Trimbak Tukaram Nandurbar Maharashtra
92 LM11901 Dr. Azmi Kehan Altafur _____ Nagpur Maharashtra
93 LM11902 Dr. Bhore Rajendra Narhari Beed Maharashtra
94 LM11903 Dr. Eknath Asaram Dhage Beed Maharashtra
95 LM11904 Dr. Vetri Chelvan. S Cuddalore District Tamil Nadu
96 LM11905 Dr. T. Kannan Erode Tamil Nadu
97 LM11906 Dr. Patel Ritesh Gunvantlal Gandhinagar Gujarat
98 LM11907 Dr. Gyan Ranjan Bihar Bihar
99 LM11908 Dr. Nitin Kaushik Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
100 LM11909 Dr. Nitin Srivastava Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
101 LM11910 Dr. Nitin Kansal Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
102 LM11911 Dr. Vijay Kumar Batra Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
103 LM11912 Dr. Amit Dwivedi Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
104 LM11913 Dr. Anil Kala Jaipur Rajasthan
105 LM11914 Dr. Jadhav Shrinivas Subhash Pune Maharashtra
106 LM11915 Dr. Jitendra Gautam Runwal Jalna Maharashtra
107 LM11916 Dr. Mante Aniruddha Bhanudas Buldana Maharashtra
108 LM11917 Dr. Ashok Gokulchand Poddar Latur Maharashtra
109 LM11918 Dr. Suraj Abhay Kothari Sangli Maharashtra
110 LM11919 Dr. M. Kumanan Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
111 LM11920 Dr. S. Prajwal Ganesh Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
112 LM11921 Dr. K. Nirmala Devi Tirupur District Tamil Nadu
113 LM11922 Dr. Prateek Agrawal Mathura Uttar Pradesh
114 LM11923 Dr. Arunava Chakraborty Kolkata West Bengal
115 LM11924 Dr. Hibjulali Khan west Bengal West Bengal
116 LM11925 Dr. Sunil Baliga. B Bangalore Karnataka
117 LM11926 Dr. Sunil Bhagwat Patil Nandurbar Maharashtra
118 LM11927 Dr. Madhura Sujay Kulkarni Sangli Maharashtra
119 LM11928 Dr. Sanjay Satya Gavit Nandurbar Maharashtra
120 LM11929 Dr. Nilesh Ramrao Jagtap Pune Maharashtra
121 LM11930 Dr. Tushar Singhi Mumbai Maharashtra
122 LM11931 Dr. Amit Shivaji Mavchi Dist. Nandurbar Maharashtra
123 LM11932 Dr. Prashant Babhuta Patil Shahada Maharashtra
124 LM11933 Dr. Charudatta Shashikant Khanore Dist. Jalgaon Maharashtra
125 LM11934 Dr. Valvi Vishal Kuwarsing Nandurbar Maharashtra
126 LM11935 Dr. Surendra Ratilal Patil Shahada Maharashtra
127 LM11936 Dr. Rakesh. B. Patel Nandurbar Maharashtra
128 LM11937 Dr. Rakesh Devidas Patil Shahada Maharashtra
129 LM11938 Dr. Vaibhav Natvarlal Patel Ahmedabad Gujarat
130 LM11939 Dr. Gautam Yadavrao Gaikwad Mumbai Maharashtra
131 LM11940 Dr. Anil Gowtham Manivannan Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
132 LM11941 Dr. Nidhin Koshy Kochi Kerala
133 LM11942 Dr. James Simon Pereira Ernakulam Kerala
134 LM11943 Dr. Harish Kodi Hyderabad Telangana
135 LM11944 Dr. Rajat Tak Tonk Rajasthan
136 LM11945 Dr. Gopal Agrawal Dist. Burdwan West Bengal
137 LM11946 Dr. Soumya Ghosh west Bengal West Bengal
138 LM11947 Dr. Debojyoti Roy Jamshedpur Jharkhand
139 LM11948 Dr. Rishabh Kedia Kolkata West Bengal
140 LM11949 Dr. C. N. S. _______ Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh
141 LM11950 Dr. Jitendra Sarangi Odisha Odisha
142 LM11951 Dr. Odathurai Nallasamy Paramasivan Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
143 LM11952 Dr. Joydeep Das west Bengal West Bengal
144 LM11953 Dr. Supriya Sarkar west Bengal West Bengal
145 LM11954 Dr. Anshuman Vijay Roy Haldwani Uttarakhand
146 LM11955 Dr. Arpit Maheshbhai Patel Ahmedabad Gujarat
147 LM11956 Dr. Ashish Kumar Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
148 LM11957 Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
149 LM11958 Dr. Aniket Keshao Mendhe Khamgaon Maharashtra
150 LM11959 Dr. P. L. Srinivasan Chennai Tamil Nadu
151 LM11960 Dr. K. Sankarakumar Tenkasi Tamil Nadu
152 LM11961 Dr. Karthik Rajendran Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
153 LM11962 Dr. Abhinay Sharma Shimla Himachal Pradesh
154 LM11963 Dr. Nand Kishore Vaishnav Jodhpur Rajasthan
155 LM11964 Dr. Dhrubajyoti Talukdar Guwahati Assam
156 LM11965 Dr. Nihit Mantri Kota Rajasthan
157 LM11966 Dr. Ranjeet Kumar Patna Bihar
158 LM11967 Dr. MD. Imran Katihar Bihar
159 LM11968 Dr. Subhasis Das west Bengal West Bengal
160 LM11969 Dr. Satyajit Mura west Bengal West Bengal
161 LM11970 Dr. Santhosh Karunakar Dodda Visakapatnam Andhra Pradesh
162 LM11971 Dr. Sumit Kumar Rohtak Haryana
163 LM11972 Dr. Prakash Dattatraya Samant Powai Mumbai Maharashtra
164 LM11973 Dr. Lakhan Radheshyamji Toshniwal Dist. Beed Maharashtra
165 LM11974 Dr. Gajanan Suryabhan Pandit Jalna Maharashtra
166 LM11975 Dr. Yogesh Sarjerao Badak Jalna Maharashtra
167 LM11976 Dr. Khachane Shailesh Prabhakar Dist. Jalgaon Maharashtra
168 LM11977 Dr. Mahajan Yogesh Ashok Jalgaon Maharashtra
169 LM11978 Dr. Dhande Nitin Arun Jalgaon Maharashtra
170 LM11979 Dr. Dilip Madhukar Ramole Kalyan (W) Maharashtra
171 LM11980 Dr. Wagh Rahul Pravin Erandol Maharashtra
172 LM11981 Dr. Chanchpara Gaurangkumar Chhaganbhai Surat Gujarat
173 LM11982 Dr. Durgesh Arvind Jaiswal Dist. Jalgaon Maharashtra
174 LM11983 Dr. Kanade Gaurav Gajanan Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
175 LM11984 Dr. Sandeep Narayan Deore Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
176 LM11985 Dr. Vaibhav Jagannath Koli Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
177 LM11986 Dr. Sachin Kale Yashwant Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
178 LM11987 Dr. Pramod Tukaram Bhor Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
179 LM11988 Dr. Singh Shikhar Dalbir Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
180 LM11989 Dr. Sanjay Dhar Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
181 LM11990 Dr. Bhushan Jaywantrao Patil Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
182 LM11991 Dr. Anant Jain Haridwar Uttarakhand
183 LM11992 Dr. S. Karthikeyan Dindugal District Tamil Nadu
184 LM11993 Dr. N. J. Reauvaran Madurai Tamil Nadu
185 LM11994 Dr. P. N. Khisan _____ Kumbakonam Tamil Nadu
186 LM11995 Dr. Ram Prasath. T Trichy Tamil Nadu
187 LM11996 Dr. Suranjana Ravi Subramaniam Chennai Tamil Nadu
188 LM11997 Dr. Aher Deepak. K Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
189 LM11998 Dr. C. Prem Anand Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
190 LM11999 Dr. Adarsh Annapareddy Hyderabad Telangana
191 LM12000 Dr. Sudipto Podder North 24 Parganas West Bengal
192 LM12001 Dr. Subir Pratim Biswas Kolkata West Bengal
193 LM12002 Dr. Somnath Ghatak Kolkata West Bengal
194 LM12003 Dr.Rana Ranvijay Pratap Pathak Distt. Buxar Bihar
195 LM12004 Dr. Mohan Charan Murmu Dist. Mayurbhanj Odisha
196 LM12005 Dr. Layakat Hussain District Rajouri Jammu & Kashmir
197 LM12006 Dr. Rathore Khushwant Singh Ajmer Rajasthan
198 LM12007 Dr. Rupesh Jung Belbase Napal Foreign
199 LM12008 Dr. Pratush Kumar Goyal Surat Gujarat
200 LM12009 Dr. Anil Kumar Pandey Satna Madhya Pradesh
201 LM12010 Dr. Yash Agarwal Chandauli Uttar Pradesh
202 LM12011 Dr. Vinay Kumar Oddam Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
203 LM12012 Dr. Upendra Gupta Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
204 LM12013 Dr. Rajiv Daulatrao Doifode Jalana Maharashtra
205 LM12014 Dr. Roshan Kumar. B. _ Bangalore Karnataka
206 LM12015 Dr. Lavu Amar Choudary Gudivada Andhra Pradesh
207 LM12016 Dr. Shubhendu Das Kolkata West Bengal
208 LM12017 Dr. Pratik Agarwal Dist. Darjeeling West Bengal
209 LM12018 Dr. Naveen. K Kozhikode Kerala
210 LM12019 Dr. Dillip Kumar Chand Odisha Odisha
211 LM12020 Dr. Pathan Rameezahmedkhan Rafiqahmedkhan Bharuch Gujarat
212 LM12021 Dr. Soham. A. Patel Navrangpura Gujarat
213 LM12022 Dr. Chinmay Mandal Kolkata West Bengal
214 LM12023 Dr. Dheren Mondal Rampur Uttar Pradesh
215 LM12024 Dr. MD. Siddique Mohiuddin Hyderabad Telangana
216 LM12025 Dr. Kamaldeep Singh Jaipur Rajasthan
217 LM12026 Dr. Deepankar Verma Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
218 LM12027 Dr. Rakesh Jha Bhagalpur Bihar
219 LM12028 Dr. Farman Ali Muzaffarpur Bihar
220 LM12029 Dr. Syed Tariq Mahmood Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
221 LM12030 Dr. V. Thirunarayanan Chennai Tamil Nadu
222 LM12031 Dr. Deshmukh Rajendra Ravindrarao Dist. Pune Maharashtra
223 LM12032 Dr. Abhijeet Ashokrao Mahadar Pune Maharashtra
224 LM12033 Dr. Vilas Raosaheb Salve Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
225 LM12034 Dr. Mane Ajit Sukhadeo Pune Maharashtra
226 LM12035 Dr. Poonam Sukhi Mumbai Maharashtra
227 LM12036 Dr. Yash Santosh Wagh Mumbai Maharashtra
228 LM12037 Dr. Aniket Rajendra Karwa Jalna Maharashtra
229 LM12038 Dr. Patil Siddharth Dhanraj Dhule District Maharashtra
230 LM12039 Dr. Pandharinath Babu Rao _____ Jalna Maharashtra
231 LM12040 Dr. Rajdeep Singh Bagga Ujjain Madhya Pradesh
232 LM12041 Dr. Manish Prasad Pune Maharashtra
233 LM12042 Dr. Borkar Santosh Shridhar District Pune Maharashtra
234 LM12043 Dr. Swapnil Deepak Bhise Pune Maharashtra
235 LM12044 Dr. Siddharth Gupta Mumbai Maharashtra
236 LM12045 Dr. Hari Singh Yadav Alwar Rajasthan
237 LM12046 Dr. Santosh Bandu Kadam Dist. Beed Maharashtra
238 LM12047 Dr. Varun Kumar Saharsa Bihar
239 LM12048 Dr. Kishor Kumar Madhup Dist. Saharsa Bihar
240 LM12049 Dr. Soura Sekhar Saha Kolkata West Bengal
241 LM12050 Dr. Sunil Apsingi Hyderabad Telangana
242 LM12051 Dr. Jayvardhan Tukaram Patil Dist. Sangli Maharashtra
243 LM12052 Dr. Patil Pravin Pratap Isloapur Maharashtra
244 LM12053 Dr. Hariom Gupta Sehore Madhya Pradesh
245 LM12054 Dr. Mukesh Kumar Saini Dist. Sikar Rajasthan
246 LM12055 Dr. Shaikh Anas Abdulkhaliq Surat Gujarat
247 LM12056 Dr. Pritamkumar Bharatbhai Maheshwari Arvali Gujarat
248 LM12057 Dr. Suresh Kumar Nathubhai Dist. Bhavnagar Gujarat
249 LM12058 Dr. Mikir Dhavalkumar Soni Panchmahals Gujarat
250 LM12059 Dr. Zalavadiya Rajnikant Maganbhai Rajkot Gujarat
251 LM12060 Dr. Dhruvilkumar Rajbihari Gandhi Godhra Gujarat
252 LM12061 Dr. Aranyak Sarkar Kolkata West Bengal
253 LM12062 Dr. Brahmaraju. T. J Bangalore Karnataka
254 LM12063 Dr. R. P. Raghavendra ____ Ananthapur Andhra Pradesh
255 LM12064 Dr. Nixon Kooliyadan Dias Thrissur District Kerala
256 LM12065 Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Dubey Pune Maharashtra
257 LM12066 Dr. Abhay Purushottam Kulkarni Thane West Maharashtra
258 LM12067 Dr. Mohit Ravindra Shete Mumbai Maharashtra
259 LM12068 Dr. Amogh Arun Zawar Dist. Thane Maharashtra
260 LM12069 Dr. Kotecha Kishor Ramanlal Beed Maharashtra
261 LM12070 Dr. R. Senthil Kumaran Dindigul Tamil Nadu
262 LM12071 Dr. J. Sivaram Madurai Tamil Nadu
263 LM12072 Dr. Syed Abdhahir. A Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
264 LM12073 Dr. R. Balaji Madurai Tamil Nadu
265 LM12074 Dr. R. Devendran Trichy Tamil Nadu
266 LM12075 Dr. G. Subramanya Gandhi Chennai Tamil Nadu
267 LM12076 Dr. P. R. Ramasamy Trichy Tamil Nadu
268 LM12077 Dr. R. Jaykumar Khatod Chennai Tamil Nadu
269 LM12078 Dr. M. Venkateswaran Vellore District Tamil Nadu
270 LM12079 Dr. M. Vijayanand Thambiah Cuddalore  Tamil Nadu
271 LM12080 Dr. Sudhan Christudas Chennai Tamil Nadu
272 LM12081 Dr. R. Prakash Kumar Cuddalore Tamil Nadu
273 LM12082 Dr. A. Manikandarajan Chidambaram Tamil Nadu
274 LM12083 Dr. M. Nirmal Trichy Tamil Nadu
275 LM12084 Dr. M. Manimaran Cuddalore Tamil Nadu
276 LM12085 Dr. P. Anush Rao Nagai District Tamil Nadu
277 LM12086 Dr. Durairaj Jagajeevanram Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu
278 LM12087 Dr. M. Viswanathan Sivagangai District Tamil Nadu
279 LM12088 Dr. Vishal Mallinath Huggi Gulbarga Karnataka
280 LM12089 Dr. Raja Anurag Gautam Dist. Nalanda Bihar
281 LM12090 Dr. Srikesh Ravi Kollam Kerala
282 LM12091 Dr. Gupta Nishith Pravenchandra Dist. Thane Maharashtra
283 LM12092 Dr. Gopikrishnan. K Palakkad Kerala
284 LM12093 Dr. Antony Roy Chandigarh Chandigarh
285 LM12094 Dr. Terence Derryl. L. ______ Karnataka Karnataka
286 LM12095 Dr. Shreeraam Venkatachalam Salem Tamil Nadu
287 LM12096 Dr. N. Kandasamy Tuticorin Tamil Nadu
288 LM12097 Dr. J. Vijaya Soruban Tuticorin Tamil Nadu
289 LM12098 Dr. M. Mohamed Ibrahim Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu
290 LM12099 Dr. P. Mohamed Ashraf ___ Dindigul Tamil Nadu
291 LM12100 Dr. Arun. M Madurai Tamil Nadu
292 LM12101 Dr. R. Anand Kumar Theni District Tamil Nadu
293 LM12102 Dr. I. Lalith Kumar Dindigul Tamil Nadu
294 LM12103 Dr. B. Vadivel Dindigul Tamil Nadu
295 LM12104 Dr. S. Eswara Kumar Dindigul Tamil Nadu
296 LM12105 Dr. J. Sivakumar Dindigul Tamil Nadu
297 LM12106 Dr. P. Rajeev Kumar Theni  Tamil Nadu
298 LM12107 Dr. Mohammed Aejaz Uddin Hyderabad Telangana
299 LM12108 Dr. Ashish Suryawanshi Maharashtra Maharashtra
300 LM12109 Dr. Gharat Surgaj Ravindra Maharashtra Maharashtra
301 LM12110 Dr. Pote Ramdas Bhagwan Dist Pune Maharashtra
302 LM12111 Dr. Yogendra Bhaskar Nehete Jalgaon Maharashtra
303 LM12112 Dr. Chavan Niranjan Dilip Jalgaon Maharashtra
304 LM12113 Dr. Devendra Singh Rathore Jodhpur Rajasthan
305 LM12114 Dr. Chitta Prasad Das Cuttack Odisha
306 LM12115 Dr. Deepak. D. Chitragar Madurai Tamil Nadu
307 LM12116 Dr. Arshad Arif. A Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu
308 LM12117 Dr. Vetri Kumar. M. _ Chennai Tamil Nadu
309 LM12118 Dr. Shreyansh Ravindra Kapale Pune Maharashtra
310 LM12119 Dr. Rajib Debnath Agartala Tripura
311 LM12120 Dr. Anurag Mittal Delhi Delhi
312 LM12121 Dr. M. V. G. _____ Pandari Secunderabad Telangana
313 LM12122 Dr. Sidhartha Nayak Bhubaneshwar Odisha
314 LM12123 Dr. Amit Rakesh Grover Mumbai Maharashtra
315 LM12124 Dr. Brajesh Kumar Bihar Bihar
316 LM12125 Dr. Kumar Gaurav Patna Bihar
317 LM12126 Dr. Ashwini Gaurav Patna Bihar
318 LM12127 Dr. Rabindra Kumar Singh Muzaffarpur Bihar
319 LM12128 Dr. Prakash Laxman Pachpute pune Maharashtra
320 LM12129 Dr. Kale Satish Punjaji Pune Maharashtra
321 LM12130 Dr. Chalak Ajit Rajshekhar Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
322 LM12131 Dr. Vilas Asaramji Chordia Dist. Nashik Maharashtra
323 LM12132 Dr. Swapnil. M. Keny Mumbai Maharashtra
324 LM12133 Dr. Bhushan Rangrao Shitole Pune Maharashtra
325 LM12134 Dr. Vinit Vimal. I. ____ Maharashtra Maharashtra
326 LM12135 Dr. Jadhav Akshay Manmohan Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
327 LM12136 Dr. Dipak Vishnurao Jadhav Dhule  Maharashtra
328 LM12137 Dr. Dnyaneshwar Prabhakar Ahire Dist. Thane Maharashtra
329 LM12138 Dr. Vijay Baliram Ingle Pune Maharashtra
330 LM12139 Dr. Surana Amit Ashok Pune Maharashtra
331 LM12140 Dr. Warid Altaf Pune Maharashtra
332 LM12141 Dr. Manoj Kumar  Pune Maharashtra
333 LM12142 Dr. Yogesh Shivmurti Khandalkar Pune Maharashtra
334 LM12143 Dr. Satish. N. Supekar Ahmednagar Maharashtra
335 LM12144 Dr. Mayur Kardile Pune Maharashtra
336 LM12145 Dr. Pratap. R. Walekar Dist. Sangli Maharashtra
337 LM12146 Dr. Bandgar Vishwanath Ananda Dist. Sangli Maharashtra
338 LM12147 Dr. Kashyap. V. Deshpande Maharashtra Maharashtra
339 LM12148 Dr. Sajish Kumod Shah Dist. Satara Maharashtra
340 LM12149 Dr. Pandurang Sambhaji Gawade Dist. Pune Maharashtra
341 LM12150 Dr. Umesh Yadav Rohtak Haryana
342 LM12151 Dr. Gokul Chand Verma New Delhi Delhi
343 LM12152 Dr. Hemant Sharma Gurgaon Haryana
344 LM12153 Dr. Sangram Ravindra Kapale Pune Maharashtra
345 LM12154 Dr. Y. Bhanu Rekha Nalgonda Telangana
346 LM12155 Dr. Saraswati Viswanathan Bangalore Karnataka
347 LM12156 Dr. Tanvi Raviraj Shinde Sangli Maharashtra
348 LM12157 Dr.Alex Joseph Mundampalli Mumbai Maharashtra
349 LM12158 Dr. Ravindra Prasad Dist. Palamu Jharkhand
350 LM12159 Dr. Vishal Victor Kujur Ranchi Jharkhand
351 LM12160 Dr. Mani Kant Anand Raipur Chhattisgarh
352 LM12161 Dr. Mukund Madhav Ojha Khurd Madhya Pradesh
353 LM12162 Dr. Bikas Kumar Sahoo Bangaluru Karnataka
354 LM12163 Dr. Mohit Vij Khanna Punjab
355 LM12164 Dr. Vaibhav Jain Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
356 LM12165 Dr. Rohith Reddy Kasam Warangal Telangana
357 LM12166 Dr. Deepak Gupta Delhi Delhi
358 LM12167 Dr. Vijay Kumar Loya Hyderabad Telangana
359 LM12168 Dr. Pankaj Chopra Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
360 LM12169 Dr. B. Sreekanth Rao Hyderabad Telangana
361 LM12170 Dr. Shrikant Haridas Ghadge Pune Maharashtra
362 LM12171 Dr. Madhav Kumar Ananth Trivandrum Kerala
363 LM12172 Dr. Sreejith. E. S Kerala Kerala
364 LM12173 Dr. Rajesh. S Thrissur District Kerala
365 LM12174 Dr. Varun Venu Trivandrum Kerala
366 LM12175 Dr. Abhijeet Laxmikant Wahegaonkar Pune Maharashtra
367 LM12176 Dr. Tajinder Bansal Una Himachal Pradesh
368 LM12177 Dr. Lakshya Prateek Rathore Mandi Himachal Pradesh
369 LM12178 Dr. Patel Jaykumar Maheshbhai Ahmedabad Gujarat
370 LM12179 Dr. Bipin Ramjibhai Serasiya Anand Gujarat
371 LM12180 Dr. Ravi. A. Maradiya Gujarat Gujarat
372 LM12181 Dr. Bhaveshkumar Rameshbhai Bhutiya Rajkot Gujarat
373 LM12182 Dr. Malkesh Dilipbhai Shah Vadodara Gujarat
374 LM12183 Dr. Kushal Vandan Shah Vadodara Gujarat
375 LM12184 Dr. Maheshwari Karnkumar Prakashbhai Ahmedabad Gujarat
376 LM12185 Dr. Kadam Sagar Balasaheb Chandigarh Chandigarh
377 LM12186 Dr. Satbir Singh Amritsar Punjab
378 LM12187 Dr. Karan Alawadhi Hisar Haryana
379 LM12188 Dr. Manish Sharma Shimla Himachal Pradesh
380 LM12189 Dr. Ashish Raj Patna Bihar
381 LM12190 Dr. Kumar Mayank Bihar Bihar
382 LM12191 Dr. Adapureddi Hanu Tej Vizag District Andhra Pradesh
383 LM12192 Dr. Rahul Banda Prakasam Dist. Andhra Pradesh
384 LM12193 Dr. Abhishek Kashyap New Delhi Delhi
385 LM12194 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
386 LM12195 Dr. Sanjoy Sinha Dhaka Bangladesh
387 LM12196 Dr. Ankit Kataria New Delhi Delhi
388 LM12197 Dr. Saikat Jena New Delhi Delhi
389 LM12198 Dr. Sajith Kurian Kozhikode Kerala
390 LM12199 Dr. Omeshwar Singh Jammu & Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir
391 LM12200 Dr. Saifer Khan Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh
392 LM12201 Dr. Purushottam Kumar Baghel Chhattisgarh Chhattisgarh
393 LM12202 Dr. Rahul Raja  Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
394 LM12203 Dr. Afroz Ahmed Khan Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
395 LM12204 Dr. Abhishek Pandey Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
396 LM12205 Dr. Johney Juneja Agra Uttar Pradesh
397 LM12206 Dr. Dhirendra Narayan Ranchi Jharkhand
398 LM12207 Dr. Saurabh Arora Kichha Uttarakhand
399 LM12208 Dr. Vikash Gahlot Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
400 LM12209 Dr. Arun Kumar Jain Haridwar Uttarakhand
401 LM12210 Dr. Amish Bhandari Uttarakhand Uttarakhand
402 LM12211 Dr. Rohit Akshay Kavishwar Pune Maharashtra
403 LM12212 Dr. M. G. Rajesh __________ Kanchipuram Distt. Tamil Nadu
404 LM12213 Dr. Naveena Jyothi Hanchatey Hyderabad Telangana
405 LM12214 Dr. Sangolagi Sachin Shivappa Dist. Solapur Maharashtra
406 LM12215 Dr. Samarth Singh Mandla Madhya Pradesh
407 LM12216 Dr. Vikas Kumar Mishra Dist. Bahraich Uttar Pradesh
408 LM12217 Dr. Prabhu Prakash Rana Kanpur Uttar Pradesh
409 LM12218 Dr. Mohit Sharma Dehradun Uttrakhand
410 LM12219 Dr. Sunil. L. K Bangalore Karnataka
411 LM12220 Dr. Tushar Kohli Dehradun Uttarakhand