Quote of the Day : "Choose to listen to your inner voice. – life is a courageous journey or nothing at all and always choose the truth. We cannot become who we want to be by continuing to do exactly what we have been doing. Choose to listen to your inner voice, not the jumbled opinions of everyone else. Do what you know in your heart is right for YOU. It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you. and be sure to appreciate every day of your life.

Why one should become ______

Orthopedic Surgeon who becomes ___&____; Life Membe r of Indian Orthopedic Association has many fold advantages . Few are highlighted ____ :

  • As a Life ______ one can log in __&____; restricted member Area of official web site __ association and can Build Own Customized &____;________ Website without any extra fee ___ upload his/her complete information __ connect to fellow members ___ patients and can highlight ___ or her skills , ________ achievements , approach to _______ , facilities of his/her ____________ , own image gallery ,___________ about his or her _________, social achievements , information _____ his staff and place ___ time of consultation , _________ and operation packages , ___________ to orthopedic conditions through _______ Information Highway , link __ Facebook , Twitter and ___ more thing to explore........... ____ you become a life ______
  • Explore all Videos and Lectures shared by members and ______ - can Contribute -Share ___ Learn
  • Showcase your skill and techniques by sharing your videos/lectures / Presentations.
  • Post a Problem ____ and get solution from _____ members
  • Get Regular announcements of activities of IOA &____;___ Orthopedic World
  • Request articles from Journals shared by subscribing other ____ members
  • Possibility of Concessional rate of registrations for ______ of IOA
  • Possibilities of interacting and sharing with other members and _________ and Improve in Techniques ___ non orthopedic ___________ about finance ,spiritual thoughts ,______ related information etc.
  • Now with New __________ to become member of ______ Orthopedic Association - it __ must to become life ______ of affiliated state chapter _____ .