Constitutional Amendment

Constitutional Amendments of IOA-2014
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4. MEMBERSHIP: Membership of ___ Association shall comprise of ___ following categories:
(a) Honorary Fellows  (b) ____ Members  (c) Associate members

5. (a) HONORARY FELLOWS: ________ Fellows may be elected ____ men or women of ___________, including laymen residing in _____ or abroad, who have ____ outstanding contribution to the ________ of Orthopaedic Surgery. There _____ be one Honorary Fellow ___ every 300 members.
(b) Life Members: Orthopaedic _______ with proper training in ___ specialty with D Ortho.,MS (_____.), Mch (Ortho.), DNB (Ortho.), ____ (Ortho.) who contribute a _______ of Rs. 5000/- (Five ________ only) to the funds of ___ association may be elected __ life membership of the ___________. Membership has to be ratified by the _______ Body before being elected __ the life membership of ___ association. Shall read as proper ________ in the orthopaedic speciality, __________ by the Medical/State Councils __ India or an internationally _________ Medical council. Following to be added Life Members will apply ___ membership through the State ________ as it will be _________ for all to become members of both ___ & State Chapters from 2016. Membership forms to be _________ by State Chapters with ___ multi city cheques, one _______ the state membership fee and the _____ forRs. 5,000/- (Five thousand ____)_______ to Indian Orthopaedic Association, New Delhi. The _____ chapters will forward the ___________ form and cheque after ___ verification to IOA House, ___ Delhi.
(c) Associate Membership: I. Associate members may __ elected from those
(1) ___ are training in orthopaedic _______ and from
(2) physicians and surgeons __ this or other countries ___ are interested in orthopaedic _______ or allied branches of medicine or
(3) who are engaged in ________ of allied subjects closely _______ to Orthopaedic Surgery. The application for _________ membership of all categories ____ be made to the _________ who will place it before ___ Executive Committee for scrutiny ___ acceptance.
II. Associate Members of ___ Association shall have the _____ of attending scientific meetings ___ social events and engaging in ___ scientific discussions but they _____ not attend business meetings ___ take part in elections. (Membership fees of Associate _______: Postgraduates in Orthopaedics to ___ Rs. 2000/- during training and Rs. 3000/- _____ qualification to become life _______. Rest of the category __ the medical personnel seeking Associate membership ____ to pay Rs. 3500/- __ $100 for overseas persons). Membership fees of Associates _______: Post Graduate Students in ____________ to pay Rs. 2,000/- during training and the _________ Rs. 3,000/- after qualification __ become life member within 5 years of becoming Associate Members. In ____ failure to do so ___ Associate Membership shall lapse ___ fresh application for life member ____ have to be submitted.
III. Applications for all __________ of membership must be ____ on an official form ___ supported by two members of the ___________ and forwarded to the ___. Secretary, who will place __ before the Executive Committee for consideration. ____ members may also submit _____ for consideration for Election to any category __ membership to the Hon. _________. Election for all categories __ membership shall be by _ majority vote at a ________ meeting. The membership of all applicants _____ come into effect from ___ next day after ratification __ the Annual General Body meeting of ___ Association.

(a)Life members may be _______ to make periodical or ______ contribution to any of ___ existing funds and trusts and other _______ activities of the Association.
(b) All persons attending __________ meeting may be required __ pay a registration fee ______ it be considered necessary, if and ____ it is considered necessary, __ for enhancement of contribution ___ Life Membership.

(a) Any member or _________ wishing to withdraw his __ her membership from the ___________ shall give notice in writing to ___ Secretary not less than _____ months before the end __ the financial year.
(b) Any member or _________ whose resignation is requested _____ Rule 16
(d) shall have ___ right to appeal to the next ________ meeting of the Executive _________ provided he or she _____ a written application to the Secretary ______ 14 days of receiving ___ request. to be re read __ member or associate whose ___________ is requested under Rule 16(_) shall have the right to appeal to ___ executive committee. This shall __ taken up in the ____ business meeting of the executive committee.

8. CHAPTERS: There may be Regional __ State Chapters of the ___________ in each State or ______ as is thought feasible by the Executive Committee. ______ the Region or State ___ District or City may ____ a local branch which shall be guided __ the Regional or the _____ Chapter. All chapters shall __ constituted and shall function in accordance with ___ Rules of the Association ___ directives given from time __ time by the office of the Association. _ Centre State Relationship Committee __________ of a chairman nominated __ the executive committee, the _________, Hon. Secretary, Immediate Past _________ and President-elect of the I.O.A. along ____ elected Presidents and Hon. ___________ of all affiliated chapters ____ monitor the functioning of state chapters. Affiliation: For a state _______ to be affiliated to ___ Association, the state chapter ____ apply to the Hon. Secretary through the State ___. Secretary agreeing to adopt ___ constitution of the Association ____ modifications accepted by the _________ committee of the Association. ____ will also send regular report of activities to ___ Hon. Secretary. The affiliated _____ chapter shall agree to ______ the directive given from time to ____ by the Executive Committee __ the Association. At least 75% of ___ members of the chapter ______ be members of the ___________ and an undertaking with respect to Clause (_) to be given. to be re read __ At least 75% of ___ members of the chapter __ now and all members ________ after 2015 in the state should __ members of the Association ___ an undertaking with respect __ Clause (b) to be given. The chapter should also __ registered under the Registration __ Societies Act of 1860 ___ should be having their Permanent Account ______ of Income Tax. Affiliation of State Chapters _____ be renewed once in _____ 10 years. Application for _______ of affiliation should be sent __ Secretary at least 6 ______ before expiry of affiliation. Cessation of Affiliation: The _________ Committee shall have the _____ to cancel the affiliation __ a state chapter if it is ______ to be working against ___ rules of the Association/directives __ the Executive Committee. Prior notice of ____ shall be given to ___ concerned State Chapter at _____ 3 months before cessation of affiliation. If __ reply is received within 3 months the affiliation will _____________ cease and a new application will __ required for reaffiliation. Central Government Organizations with ____ than 50 serving orthopaedic _______ will be allowed to organize themselves into a _______ of the Association. To ____ an executive committee member ____ such Chapter, it should ____ at least 75 members. ____ chapters shall not have ___ status of the state chapters. Chapters may hold scientific ________ during the year at ___ place in India as ________ by the Regional and/or state chapter. Dates __ such meetings are to __ informed and confirmed by ___ Executive Committee. The complete details of _________ of affiliation to be __ written as follows: Central Government Organizations with ____ than 50 serving orthopaedic _______ will be allowed to organize themselves into a _______ of the Association. To ____ an executive committee member from such Chapter, it ______ have at least 75 _______. Such chapters shall not ____ the status of the state chapters. Chapters may hold scientific ________ during the year at ___ place in India as ________ by the Regional and/or state chapter. _____ of such meetings are __ be informed and confirmed __ the Executive Committee. Overseas chapters may also __ constituted in countries in _____ there are more than 25 members of IOA in the proposed _______. A formal application with _______ of membership and constitution _____ be provided to the Hon.Secretary of IOA who ____ put it up for ____________ in Executive Committee meeting ___ General Body meeting. The overseas _______ will have to make _ mention of its being _ Chapter of Indian Orthopaedic Association in all ___ publications. They will also submit __ annual report to the ___._________ of IOA. The IOA ____ not be liable for ___ financial/legal responsibilities in running ___ affairs of the chapter. Cessation of affiliation: The _________ Committee shall have the _____ to cancel the affiliation __ a state chapter if it __ deemed to be working _______ the rules of the ___________/__________ of the Executive Committee. Prior notice __ this shall be given __ the concerned State Chapter __ least 3 months before cessation of ___________. If no reply is ________ within 3 months the ___________ will automatically cease and a ___ application will be required ___ re-affiliation.

11. BUSINESS MEETING: (a) A business meeting _____ be held at least ____ during the course of ____ scientific meeting of the Association (to be called ___ Annual General Body Meeting), ___ on such other occasions __ may be decided by the Executive _________. The quorum for such _______ shall be 100. If ___ quorum is not complete, the meeting is __ be adjourned and may __ again convened after 15 _______ without adequate quorum.
(b) Only Life Members __ the Association shall be ________ to attend and vote __ business meetings.
(c) The President shall ____ a business meeting within ______ eight days of receiving _ request signed by not less than 500 _______ specifying the nature of ___ business.
(d) “Ratification of Decisions __ Meetings: All decisions taken __ any AGM shall come ____ effect only after being ratified in __________ AGM”.

Indian Journal of Orthopaedics __ the scientific publication of _._._. and IOA Newsletter is ___ official news/information publication of IOA.
(a) The main official ___________ of the Association shall __ the Indian Journal of ____________. to be replaced by Indian Journal __ Orthopaedics is the scientific ___________ of I.O.A. and IOA __________ is the official news/information publication __ IOA.
(b) The office bearers __ the editorial board shall __ :- to be replaced __ The office bearers of ___ editorial board of Indian _______ of Orthopaedic shall be.
v Editor (one)
v Associate Editors (two)
v Assistant editor (three)
v Subject specific members __ editorial board (Spine, trauma, ____________, arthroscopy, hand, basic sciences, statistics, pediatric, infection) ___.
v All these posts ____ have a term of 3 years: Members holding these _____ may be re-elected for another term of three _____.
to be re written __
Office Bearers of Editorial _____: May be re-elected/nominated/appointed for _______ term of 3 years.

The Executive Committee shall _______ of the President, two _________ Past Presidents, President-Elect, two Vice-Presidents, Hon. Secretary, ___ Joint Secretaries (one from _____ and one from the ____ city as Hon. Secretary). Treasurer ___ executive Members elected from __________ State Chapters according to their I.O.A. membership ________ st as on 31 ________ of the previous year, __ the following ratio;
1 to 74 … ___
75 to 149 … ___
150 to 249 … ___
250 and above … _____
Not more than three _________ Members shall be elected ____ any State Chapter. Each __ these members shall hold office ___ three years but may _______ for re-election for one ____ term. Replace by The Executive _________ shall consist of the _________, two immediate Past Presidents, President-Elect, two Vice-Presidents, Hon. _________, two Joint Secretaries (one ____ Delhi and one from the same city as ___. Secretary and Treasurer. All _____ Presidents and Secretaries shall __ members of the IOA Executive Committee. __ additional executive member will __ elected from each State _______,&____; having more than 250 _______ as on the 31st ________ of the previous year . The elected members will hold office for _ term of 3 years ___ may contest for re-election ___ one more term of _____ years. Only life members are ________ to contest. The Editor of the ______ Journal of Orthopaedics and ___ Secretaries of the Fellowship __________ shall be ex-officio members of ___ Executive Committee and serve ___ three years. They may __ elected for another term of three _____. The Chairman of all ___-__________ also will be ex-officio _______ of Executive Committee. Ten shall form a ______ at a meeting of ___ Executive Committee. No member of the _________ Committee shall serve for ____ than six years in ___ same post. Only elected members shall ____ the privilege to vote __ Executive Committee meetings (with ___ exception of the Editor __ I.J.O who will have _____ to vote in E.C. ________). State Representative shall be _______ by members of IOA, ________ in that State, or ___ have opted for being considered to be __ electoral rolls from that _____(___________: Each member shall be ___ on electoral roles from only ___ State).

15. Election of the ________ and members of the _________ (on any one post).
(a) The President-elect, two ____-__________ shall be elected annually, ____ amongst Life members of the Association who are ________ to vote in a ______ stipulated in Rule 14(a). _____ tenure shall be for one year and they ______ seek re-election to same ______. There shall be one ____ President elected who will _____________ become President elect next ____ and President the year after. ____ will ensure his longer ___________ with all decisions and ________ of IOA. Editor of the Indian _______ of Orthopaedics, Associate editors, _______ of the editorial board _____ be appointed by the executive _________ on the recommendation of ___ search committee consisting of the President, IOA, President-Elect __ IOA, Hon. Secretary, IOA, ______ IJO and immediate past ______. For the appointment of Editor, ___ Past Presidents will also __ included in the committee. ___ nominated posts will be advertised __ the IOA newsletter and ________ candidate should apply with _____ curriculum vitae. The C.V.’s will __ short listed by the ___. Secretary. He would place __ before the search committee for recommending the _____. The appointment shall be ____ by the Executive Committee. One Assistant Editor and 3 members ofEditorial board shall __ filled every year. The Secretary, Joint Secretaries, _________, Two Fellowship Secretaries, Editor __ the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, Associate Editors, Assistant _______ and members elected from ________ state chapters shall hold office for _ term of three years ___ shall be eligible for __-________ for another term. Chairpersons for various sub-committee _____ also hold office for 3 years and can be __-_________ for another term. The Treasurer and the _____ Secretary shall be nominated __ the executive from such _______ of the IOA who are resident ___ working in the Union _________ of Delhi to facilitate ______ day-to-day running of the registered office __ Delhi. One joint Secretary ____ be nominated by Hon. _________ from the city where he is residing. Add To contest for ___ post a member must ____ been a Life Member __ the Association for atleast 5 years.

(a) The management of ___ Association shall vest in ___ Executive Committee of the ___________.
(b) The Executive Committee _____ have the power to ____ up casual vacancies amongst ___ officers (except the President) and _____ members of the committee _______ to confirmation at the ____ business meeting.
(c) The Executive Committee _____ control the affairs of ___ Association, its funds and ______. The income and the property of ___ Association, howsoever derived shall __ spent solely towards the _______ of the Association and no portion _______ shall be paid or ___________ directly or indirectly for ___ other purpose except for
v The purpose of _________ scholarships and fellowships to __ offered for competition amongst ___ life members, full members and __________ of the Association.
v As gift to ___ Orthopaedic Charitable, Education and _____ trusts of the Association, ___
v For the purpose __ building a permanent office __ New Delhi and such _____ institutions as thought necessary in fulfilment of _______ of the association.
v For scientific and ____________ activities of the Association.
v For purchase of _________/_________ etc. for the office/building.
(a) The Executive Committee _____ have power to request ___ resignation of member deemed __ be working contrary to the ________ of Association or to ____ ceased to take interest __ the objects of the Association or to have ____ disobedient to the Rules __ guilty of unprofessional act __ public misdemeanour, provided that the ______ concerned shall be notified __ the proposed action not ____ than eight weeks before ___ next business meeting.
(b) The Executive Committee _____ have power to remit, ______ or suspend the subscription __ any Life Member or Associate at ___ discretion.
(c) Without prejudice to ___ power of the general ____ of the Association the _________ Committee may Exercise powers, function and ______ as under:
(i) To appoint committees, ___________ and sub-committees and delegate ____ of the functions and powers to them __ it may deem necessary.
(ii) To co-opt Life ______, Associate or any other ______ to any committee.
(iii) To appoint delegates __ represent the Association at ___________ in India and abroad.
(iv) To purchase, build __ otherwise and hold land, _________, machineries, plants, furniture, vehicles, books and other __________ that may be found _________ in furtherance of the ________ andduties of the association ___ and in the name __ the Association.
(v) To receive donations ___ benefactions for and in ___ name of the Association.
(vi) To constitute trusts ___ foundations for specific activities __ the Association, e.g. Education ______.
(vii) To arrange scholarship ___ fellowships
(viii) To appoint and _______ and fix his remuneration.
(ix) The Executive Committee ___ appoint a full time _________ Secretary and an Administrative Officer who will not __ members of I.O.A. for ______ management of day to ___ office work. Their remuneration and specific ______ shall be fixed by ___ Executive Committee and approved by the General Body. ____ will both work directly _____ orders from the President, ___. Secretary, Jt. Secretary and _________ of the Association.
(x) To build up _________ of the Association for ___ smooth functioning. These may __ modified from time to time.
Executive committee can appoint _____________ which will submit their _______ during IOACON Meeting. Each committee will ____ only one chairman and ____ can co-opt members. Only ___ chairman shall be member of ___ executive committee. In his _______ chairman can depute one __ the members to act as chairman ___ attend the meeting. The ______ of such sub- committees _____ not exceed 10. Further if desired by _________ to help him in ____________ theme and other work, ____ additional 5 coopted members may be nominated ___ will hold office for ___ year only.

17. Powers and duties __ the Office Bearers.
(a) President:
(i) He shall preside ____ the meetings of the _________ committee and all other __________ and business meetings, functions, seminars, symposia ___. convened by or on ______ of the Association. He _____ deliver a Presidential address.
(ii) The President shall __ ex-officio member of all __________ and sub-committees.
(iii) The President may __-___ a Life Member in ___ Executive Committee from regions/states unrepresented in the Executive _________. The number of co-opted _______ shall not exceed three and their tenure of _______ shall be determined by ___ President.
(iv) He shall have ___ seal of the Association.
(v) The President shall ______ his resignation to the _________ Committee.
(b) President-Elect:
(i) The President-Elect shall ________ for the President on ___ occasions when the President __ absent or ceases to hold office ______ his term. He shall _______ as President for the ____ of the term.
(ii) He shall be ___ returning officer for the _._._. elections during his term __ office and sub-committees.
(iii) He shall be __-_______ member of all committees.
(iv) He shall submit ___ resignation to the President.
(c) Vice-Presidents:
(i) In the absence __ the President or President-Elect, ___ of the Vice-Presidents shall ________ for all functions of the President. ____ shall carry out functions __ per protocols of the ___________.
(ii) He shall submit ___ resignation to President. In ___ absence of the President, _________-_____ &VicePresidents, the Executive Committee shall _____ a Chairman for any __________ meeting or for the remaining term of office.
(d) Hon. Secretary:
(i) Secretary shall be ___________ for the organization and _________ of all policies and ________ of the Association and shall submit _______ at the meeting of ___ Executive Committee regarding thereto. __ shall also present the ______ report at the annual _______ of the Executive Committee ______ a general review of the work __ the Association in the _________ year.
(ii) He shall prepare ___ keep the minutes of ___ the business meetings of ___ Association and meeting of the Executive Committee and ___ that all notices are ____ given in accordance with ___ provision of rules andbye-laws. He will circulate ___ accounts for the year _____ with minutes of the ____ Annual General Body Meeting.
(iii) He shall be ___ custodian of the seal __ the Association and other __________ items.
(iv) He shall be ___ custodian of all the _________ and the papers of ___ association.
(v) He shall be ___________ for the appointment of ___ employees of the Association.
(vi) He shall have ___ power to suspend, punish ___ otherwise control or regulate ___ employees of the Association whose monthly salary __ less than rupees Two ________ to be ratified by ___ Executive Committee in its next _______.
(vii) He will sign ___ execute all contracts or _____ instruments in name of ___________ and shall exercise general supervision over all ___ affairs of the Association.
(viii)He shall be an __-_______ member of all committeesand ___-__________ of the Association.
(ix) He shall prepare _ current voters list of ___ Life Members of the ___________ within the first quarter __ each year.
(x) He shall submit ___ resignation to the President
(xi) He shall be __ ex officio member for _ period of one year _____ serving as a secretary ___ a period of three years in case __ has not sought a ______ term. He will be __________ as past Secretary. (This ____ ensure continuity and guidance __ the incoming Secretary).
(e) Joint Secretary:
He shall look after ___ day-to-day working of the _____ office being a resident ___ working in the Union Territory of Delhi, and _____ the direction of the _________. The 2 Joint Secretary ____ same city as the Hon. Secretary shall assist ___ laterin day-to-day affairs of ___ Association.
(f) Treasurer:
(i) He will keep ________ of the Association.
(ii) He shall present ___ Annual Audited Accounts of ___ previous year and an _________ account of the current year at the ______ General Body Meeting.
(iii) He shall present _ Budget for the next ____ at the Annual General ____ Meeting.
(iv) During his absence ___ to illness or visit ______, the President will delegate __ writing his duties to any other member of ___ Executive Committee.
(v) All cheques and _____ negotiable instruments shall be ______ jointly by the Treasurer ___ any one of the following: the Secretary __ the President or Jt. _________ (Explanation: All cheques of ____ Rs. 50,000/- have to be ______ by the Treasurer and ___ President or Hon. Secretary).
(vi) He will hold ______ of all assets (movable ___ immovable property) on behalf __ the Association and shall hand over the ____ to his successor.
(vii) He will submit ___ resignation to the President. ___ Secretary and Treasurer may _____ petty expenses for smooth running __ the Association work not _________ Twenty thousand Rupees for ___ single item and get __ reimbursed on production of ______ receipts and vouchers.

18. SUB-COMMITTEES: (a) In accordance with ___ Rule 16-F(i), the Executive _________ shall have power to _______ subcommittees for such other purposes __ it may decide and _______ members of Sub-committees. Executive committee can appoint _____________ which will submit their _______ during IOACON Meeting. Each committee will ____ only onechairman and they ___ co-opt members. Only the ________ shall be member of ___ executive committee. In his _______ chairman can depute one __ the members to act as chairman ___ attend the meeting. The ______ of such sub- committees _____ not exceed 10. Further if desired by _________ to help him in ____________ theme and other work, ______________ 5 coopted members may be nominated ___ will hold office for ___ year only.
(b) The Sub-committee shall ____ the power to co-opt ___ member who may assist ___ work without reference to Executive Committee ________ the name of these __-_____ members are recorded in ___ written report of the ___-_________ to be presented annually __ the Executive Committee.
(c) A written report __ the proceedings of each ___-_________ shall be presented annually __ the Executive Committee.
(d) The following permanent ___-_______________ also be appointed as _____:
v Fellowship Committees shall _______ of The President of ___ Association, President-Elect, Two immediate Past Presidents, and ___. Secretary, Two Joint Secretaries, __________ Committee-Foreign & Indian and Editor of ___ Indian Journal of Orthopaedics. The Secretary of the __________ committeeshall be elected by ___ Executive Committee for a ____ of three years which may __ extended for another term. __ least three shall form _ quorum.
v The Central Committee ___ the Conference shall consist _-
1. President of IOA
2. President-elect of IOA
3. Vice Presidents
4. Hon. Secretary of ___
5. Hon. Treasurer of ___
6. Two immediate Past __________ of IOA
7. Editor of IJO
8. Organizing Secretary
9. President of Host _______
10. Treasurer for the __________ Committee
11. Chairman Scientific Committee __ the Conference The Central Committee shall ______ all arrangements for the ______ conference including scientific meetings and select free ______, conference lectures, to be _________ at the annual conference. ___ Central Committee shall have ___ office in IOA House, ___ Delhi.

19. ALTERATION OF CONSTITUTION ___ RULES: The rules and regulations _____ be altered only by ___ vote of at least _____-_______ of the Members (Life) present at a meeting _________ convened for the purpose. ___ Secretary shall dispatch a ______ of such meeting and of every ________ alteration by post to _____ member eligible to vote ___ less than 30 days before the date of ___ Meeting and no rules _____ be altered unless such ______ has been given. 300 members shall form _ quorum for a meeting ________ to alter the constitution.

20. INDEMNITY: Neither the office bearers ___ the members of the _______ and/or Executive Committee nor _______ of the Association shall be __________ for any act done __ good faith by them ___ the sake of conformity only, for the monies __ the Association other than ____ as shall come into _____ own hands or for ___ collections or receiver of ______ appointed by the Central _________/_______/______ Executive Committee concerned for any __________, loss or damage happening __ the Association by reason __ any deed executed by them __ an office bearer or _ member of the Central _________ Committee/Branch Executive Committee or member __ the Association or any ______ of any error in _________ or more indiscretion on their part __ the performance of their ______ or otherwise on account ______ for willful negligence or fraud. Every ______ being an office bearer __ a member of the _______ Executive Committee/Branch Executive Committee or _ member of the Association, ___ heirs, Executors and administration shall at all _____ be indemnified out of ___ funds of the association/against ___ costs, losses, damage and/or expenses __________ incurred or sustained by ___ in the execution of ___ powers or duties and every ______ having been and/or being __ office bearer or a ______ of the Central Executive Committee/Branch Executive Committee __ a member of the ___________, his heirs, executors and administrations shall be ___________ and saved harmless out __ the funds of the ___________ against all action, suits, claims, ___ demands whatsoever brought/made against ___ or them either singly __ jointly in respect of ___ engagement of the Association ____ as may be incurred __ his own personal willful neglect or fraud.

21. DISSOLUTION: No less than three-fifth __ the Life Members of ___ Association may determine that __ shall be dissolved, and thereupon it shall __ dissolved forthwith, or any ____ agreed upon, and all _________ steps shall be taken by the Executive _________ for the disposal and __________ of the property of ___ Association, the claims and liabilities, _________ to the Rules of ___ Association. BENEVOLENT FUND Benevolent Fund would be ___ the benefit of members / members family in case __
1. Demise
2. Critical illness like __________, Cardiac illness requiring Open _____ Surgery or any disease which renders the ______ unable to practice
3. A member or ______ of disease member, who __ holding life membership of ___ for at least two years would __ eligible to apply.
4. An application, detailing ___ problem, along with relevant ___________ proof, would be sent to the ___. Secretary, IOA who would _____ it before president and _____ office bearers for a decision.
5. Rs.2,00,000/- will be ___ maximum permissible help under ___ scheme. The Incidental Charges collected __ the IOACON will go _______ the corpus of the __________ Fund of IOA.Benevolent fund may come __ article No. 19, immediately _____ article no. 18 of _____________. Other articles following this, ____ be re numbered.