Dr. Rajesh Malhotra

President, IOA

Dear friends, members,associates and seniors,

I wish to start by thanking all the members for electing me to the current position of President of IOA, which would not have been possible without the support extended whole‚Äźheartedly by all of you.

Indian Orthopaedic Association is a very active and vibrant organization with one the largest membership base in the Asia Pacific Region. The Indian Orthopaedic Association has long and proud legacy. Our founding fathers were pioneers and stalwarts in the sphere of Orthopaedics. They toiled hard to lay the foundation, on which the INDIAN ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATION grew tall into an enviable position that it enjoys today. Click Read more....

Dr. Atul Shrivastava

Secretary IOA

Dear Esteemed Member IOA, Greetings from the Secretariat of IOA

Let me take this opportunity to thank again each and every one of you for electing me as the Hon. Secretary of IOA. This is my 2nd year of Secretaryship. That being said we now have a golden chance to bring this prestigious Organisation to newer heights. Let us strive to make IOA an Organisation that is a pioneer in path breaking practices, quality research and a truly academic & practical powerhouse. Let us shine bright and take pride in coming together and working as one team towards the betterment of Orthopaedic treatment in India. We are looking ahead with hope and a positive attitude to see an even more vibrant and academically active association that can offer a meaningful platform to our younger colleagues. Click Read more...